Tammy M
How many new network marketing businesses have you observed appearing that a few years ago or even a few months ago.

The face of change is happening in network marketing because of the internet.

With the internet, product inventory is no longer a need for the network marketer. The parent company can house products, do research and development, update product lines, and handle shipping and delivery without the need for the network marketer to do nothing more then drive traffic and create a loyal base of customers and other network marketers.

The internet has created a beautiful opportunity for people looking to have their own business without investing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars into brick and mortar businesses.
Many time when buying products from a non-brick and mortar business you get a much better product.

Along with the better product you also get personal touch, a guarantee, and a new friend. What more could you ask for.

Feel free to investigate the companies I have aligned. I believe that everyone who does not have a business is putting themselves into the highest tax braket in the country because they have nothing that they can write off. By the time you add a federal income tax, property tax, state tax, sales tax and all the rest you are probably only keeping maybe 50% of your earnings and very possibly less.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote that in his book Prophesy alot about that very subject. His other book, The Business School, he states that if he had to do it all over again he would start his business in network marketing.

The face of business is changing. Maybe take a closer look at Network Marketing which is nothing more than a franchise on steroids.