Tammy M

OK, I admit it. I am guilty of the same sin that seems to affect many of the small business owners and even employees.

The holidays get closer, time seems to actually speed up, suddenly I am behind, the holidays are getting closer, I need to get ready for family, I need to get shopping done, I need to continue to grow my business but, but, I need to think about the people in that are most important to me and get my house and home ready for the two big days......HOLD IT!...wait a minute, it is only two big days and it is going to take two months of my time?

What happened? Why does it seem like I have neglected my business. The truth is...well I have somewhat. I admit it, I am guilty of letting myself get sidetracked too much. I probably spent too much time, I probably spent too much money, I probably sent my cards in the snail-mail too late and everyone is getting them after the holidays. I probably....................well, as they say, hindsite is 20/20. I probably could have done better.

Here is the point of this post.

Are you feeling the same way? Are you chastizing yourself a little for not being as efficient as you should have been over the holidays?

I have news for you...it's OK! Keep it in perspective, what is most important?

All of us have a limited time in this life and at the end of this life, there will not be business people recalling the wonderful time they had with you over the holidays. There will be family and friends, remembering how much they loved and enjoyed you during the holidays.

One the family holidays are over. Do you have a plan for tomorrow? Are you performing up to your own standards?

Set your goals, write them down (this is really important), and then don't just think about it, you must take action.

In fact you need to take purposeful action, otherwise you may find yourself faced with making a long and painful goodbye to your dreams.

I'll never forget a story I once heard....I would like to share it with you.

One day I was looking at the ads for yard sales and I found a sale that was being done by the Devil.
According to the ad, it seemed that the Devil decided to go out of business and he was selling off his possessions.
Out of curiosity, I decided to go and see what could possibly be for sale from the Devil.
When I arrived, I found a large tent and inside it were tables with various items displayed. Below each item was a label indicating what it was. As I wandered around looking at the items displayed I saw many items that looked new and hardly used such as fear, anger, and sadness. I then suddenly came across one item that did not have a label and was obviously used. It appeared rubbed, beaten, stained and chipped.

Right about this time, the Devil himself approached. He looked haggard and old and inquired if I found anything I wanted?

I quickly responded, that I had not but I asked if I could inquire as to the one item with no label that appeared to be used so much.

The Devil got a look on his face of reminiscence as he explained, "That one item is the most valuable item that I use. It always works and never fails. I did not label it because the price is great and only serious inquiries will be considered. You see that one item is, discouragement. Once discouragement begins it almost never retreats.

With that explanation he turned and walked away.

I quickly left also, a little wiser.