Tammy M
Today I received a phone call on my 800 number.

With my 800 number it is setup that when someone leaves a message I get a email containing the recorded message.

Over the past year I have found I am frequently getting recorded messages from other businesses that are soliciting me to do business with them.

I ask you to think about this and tell me. If someone calls you and asks you to do business with them but just to have them ask you has cost you money, are you going to do business with them. My answer to this is NEVER....why on earth would I do business with someone that called MY 800 number that I have to pay for with every incoming call.

To me this is a huge violation by a business owner of not respecting my business.

Am I wrong on this? It cost me! Not them, for that phone call.

How can this be stopped!

In my opinion because of lack of respect by the caller I would never, ever, ever, do business with them or repeat their name to anyone.

How do you feel about this?