Tammy M
I have now been actively networking in business network groups for the past 4 years.

I have noticed that many people tend to not return to smaller network groups that are less than 10 people.

When I see people not returning to a network group because they believe it to be too small the first thing that comes to mind is, they want to sell to the people in the room and therefore do not have the like mind of helping others.

We have all heard that each person you meet knows approximately 250 people that you do not know.

That means that in a room of just 5 networkers there is a grand total of 1,250 people that are not in the room that these networkers know and you do not know!

In a smaller network group you will build closer and probably more loyal relationships than you will in a room with 25 or more networkers.

As a business builder it is more valuable to have 5 strong, solid relationships than 25 so-so relationships.

I personally have found that in a room where there are more than 20 networkers, I become just a number in the room. It seems that the room takes on the air of each person having just one thought in mind, "sell to the room", which is not what networking is about. A "sell to the room" attitude will not build a strong business and while you may be able to sell to a few, repeat sales will likely not be forthcoming.

Another advantage to a small networking group is you are a member of an elite group that "built" the network group. You become a kind of passive leader.

However, becoming this passive leader requires that you help to build the group by inviting others on a regular basis.

That was a few of the advantages to participating in small business network groups so what about the large network groups.

First and foremost a large network group can provide immediate connections easier than a small group.

It is vital that in a large network group you pay absolute attention to your commercial and make sure you ask for a referral of, "who you would like to meet", since your likelyhood of getting an immediate referral is much greater.

Another advantage to a large network group is the connections to more events and activities that allow you to network with even more people.

There are many people out there that their only job is to build a community following and therefore they pretty much network full time and are great connections to find...more connections.

Large network groups provide you with ample opportunity to have unlimited one-on-ones which if you do not know what a one-on-one is then I suggest you read my previous post, "How To Conduct A One-On-One When Business Networking".

Having a one-on-one provides you with an opportunity to find out if your commercial conveyed your business or not and to ask for suggestions as well as getting to know and understand the needs of others.

I think I have provided some food for thought on this subject and right now network groups are in need to support from the community during these lean times.

Don't be a number, be a member of your network group.