Tammy M
I recently heard that a refresh of your business card can be beneficial to business growth.

I am not sure if this is true but I will share this with you.

Several people in my network groups heard the same thing. As a result I have noticed some new cards.

When I see the new card I am compelled to take it? I want their new card even though I have their old card which likely contains the same information.

Another interesting thing happens when I obtain the new card......I examine it.

I don't mean I look at it. I examine it. Thinking about this I can recall two different cards that I received and I really looked at the card and examined the details.

This has to be good. I have found that I am a pretty normal person. When I mention that the card is new to other people they exchange the same observations that I had.

I am not sure how often you should refresh your card. I was unable to find it through basic research so further investigation is required. If you know feel free to share.

A refresh is suggested for websites about every 6 months. We can use this as a measuring stick.
Especially if your business card reflects information from your website or visa versa.

This whole subject of refresh brings up another topic about business cards. The look.

Is your business card boring? Mine is....

My business card is a white background, average size, basic black text, with a graphic on it. Yuck!

In my quest to improve the look of my business car I used tools at hand, other peoples business cards. I spread them out on a table like in a game of Go Fish.

I would mix them up and then just pick out ones that stood out.
Then I would mix them again and pick out a few more.

This is what I found.
Cards with a bold color stood out.
Cards where more then 1/4 of the card had a strong graphic stood out.
Card with personal photographs on them stood out.
Cards with expecially bold colored decorative text stood out.

I included my card in the game and ......it did not stand out.

What about your business card. If you did the same thing with your card, does it stand out?

Does anyone ever express that they like your card?

When I have gotten cards that especially took my interest by being a unique shape, or having a personal photograph I have found these are cards hang around the longest.

Thats what we all want for our business cards.
I am in the process of a business card redesign. I think I found what I want. My old card is Boring.....

What about your card? Just something to think about and maybe change.