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As a small business owner we tend to neglect outselves and taking that much needed break from building our business. For many of us money is also a deciding factor when it comes to taking a vaction.
I am just as guilty of this as anyone. I tend to feel that if I am not contributing something to my business at all waking hours then I am slacking off.
We have all heard it, balance it key to building a business and taking time for yourself is included in creating balance.
If you are starved for a vacation and the staycation is not doing the trick you might want to consider a Nearcation (aka Nearby vacation).
A Nearcation can be a vacation very close by but not at home and keep your cost down by camping or RVing. Camping can be sleeping in a tent or sleeping in a recreational vehicle either towable or motorized. My thoughts on each of these are as follows and since I am a pretty average person you will probably find you agree.
Tent camping is the cheapest form of camping. You can pickup a new tent providing shelter from most of the elements and you can at least standup in the tent for around $50 to over $200 depending on quality of material and features that a tent has to offer. Purchase a inflatable mattress or a few cots, sleeping bags and a grate for over a fire and most people have the remainder of necessities to have a nice weekend camping.
Tent camping is affordable and can be comfortable. However, a tent will only offer shelter from rain and provide minimal cover from elements. If the temperature is 100 degrees outside or under 40 degrees, which is the lowest temperature of most sleeping bags designed for family camping, you will be uncomfortable. My own experience with temperature and tent sleeping are mostly in cold conditions. I simply refuse to camp if it is over 85 degrees outside. I do however camp in the cooler weather which can be uncomfortable when it gets close or below 40 degrees.
If you decide to sleep on an air mattress in a tent, then be aware that you will be sleeping on air and the air in the mattress will be the same temperature as the outside air. If the outside air is under 60 degrees it tends to be a bit cold when sleeping. The only way to make it warm enough in the sleeping bag is to build up a thick barrier between the sleeping bag and the top of the air mattress. I have been known to empty the entire contents of my suitcase and layer all of my clothing on top of the mattress to create a barrier. Additionally, I have had a leak in the air mattress and by morning I was sleeping on the ground. Tent camping also can be quite revealing, where if you are in your tent at night and you have a light on then people at night can see your silhouette and pretty much observe everything you are doing. Because the tent only offers minimal protection from elements you will also find when it gets cold that your head gets cold also. I have learned to take a coat with a detachable hood to remedy this problem. I have also found that to remedy this problem is to no camp in a tent anymore.
When I think about tent camping the image I see is packing, and packing, and packing. UGH. Sleeping bags, tents, grill, cooler, shovel, cooking utensils, coffee pots, buckets, and then we pack the clothes, towels, toiletries. Oh, the list is unbelievable and a lot of work both going and coming back home to unpack.
Recently, my DH and I have been entertaining the idea of a small camper. These small campers provide better protection from the elements, bugs, critters, privacy and security.  The variety and features range from just a sleeping quarters and outside kitchen such as what a Teardrop trailer offers to inside kitchens, bathrooms and showers which can be found in some of the larger but still small models such as the Shasta, Bolerama, TAB, Roadking, Scotty, Bubble and that is just a few. The trailers mentioned are mostly vintage trailers some are modern such as the TAB, which I really like, however the cost can be steep. 
The small trailer craze first became popular in the United States in the early to mid 1900�s and then popularity dropped off. With the latest recession and squeeze from the economy small trailer camping is resurfacing as an alternative to the Staycation and many people are taking a Nearcation in a tiny trailer. Again you can buy a modern trailer with all the amenities and it can cost some significant money. You can rent an RV and price ranges are determined by time of year, distance traveling, and features. Finally, if you think that RV trailer camping may be something you might enjoy and you are handy you can build your own or refurbish a vintage trailer
Start by browsing the internet and learning features and prices. You may want to attend a local RV show in your area and again this information can be found on the internet by simply searching for RV shows in your state.  If you take the time and really start studying the possibilities you will find many trailers for sale at a reasonable price and  if you are handy you can obtain the instructions to refurbish and trailer or even build your own trailer from bottom to top. 
Trailers offer comfort that you cannot obtain from a tent. When the temperature drops outside the trailer can provider enough shelter that you can stay fairly warm. Trailers also offer the convenience of sleeping on a mattress that is filled with something other than air and provide you with comfort. Many trailers can be fitted for heat or air-conditioning which offers additional comfort and you will find your camping experience much more enjoyable.
We have found our interest in the direction of the Teardrop trailer which is designed to be a sleeping shelter with the kitchen on the outside under a hatch built in to the back of the trailer. Inside there is room for a mattress for sleeping and some internal storage compartments. The beauty of the Teardrop trailer is the compact package, light to tow, and  contains all your needs. You sleep inside the trailer which can have heating and/or air-conditioning and indoor entertainment such as a television, DVD, or radio and the galley kitchen on the outside under the back hatch where you can store your cooler or have a small refrigerator, stove portable or built in and a sink. The level of  classiness  for entertainment and built-ins is determined by your pocketbook and your handyman or handywoman skills.
If you want to be able to standup in the trailer, check some of the other models such as the TAB, Bubble, Shasta, the list is endless.
As a female I have been concerned with comforts that make traditional camping not so fun such as the community bathroom and the community shower. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and at first you don�t have to go but as soon as you think about it and try and decide that you are ok and you don�t need to go well, guess what�. You have to go. If it is raining or especially cold or especially far away you have a moment that you just wish for home and the convenience of the built-in bathroom with flushy toilets. In my next writing I�ll provide some information exploring some of the possibilities to make this little inconvenience when camping into something more convenient.
Keeping it economical is the key to a Nearcation. The average cost of State and National campgrounds is anywhere from $5 to $20 per night. Private campgrounds range in price from $10 to $40 with basic needs such as bath water and electric to as much as $100 or more for the elite campgrounds that offer private pools, spas and other resort type amenities.
Finally, I want to provide you with a few resources to start your own research on this subject.
I encourage you to learn more about options available through well know sources and enjoy the adventure of not only finding your ideal recreational vehicle but once found enjoying the adventures you can experience on the road and in meeting people around the world.
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