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Something I have noticed over the summer is the influx of new business owners?

When talking to these new business owners most of them are volunteering that they recently became unemployed.

We all know have a fairly good idea about what is going on in the job market. As small business owners we control the market by shear numbers and hold the keys to moving the economy and our business forward. The question is can we use the current economy to help not only our business but the people that have had their lives changed in the past few months.

Employers in the U.S. cut 467,000 jobs in June and unemployment rate rose from 9.4% to 9.5%, the highest since August 1983. The payroll decline surpassed its forecast and followed a 322,000 drop in May, according to Labor Department figures released recently in Washington.

Payrolls were forecast to drop 365,000 after the 345,000 decrease initially reported for May, according to the median of 79 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News last month. Estimates ranged from declines of 150,000 to 500,000. Job losses peaked at 741,000 in January. The jobless rate was projected to climb from 9.4% to 9.6%. And, by the end of the year,
unemployment is predicted to reach 10%, according to the survey.

With all this doom and gloom there is gain to be had by all. I recently attended a network meeting (this was a very new group), of the 8 people that attended 4 of them had either their spouse laid off or themselves laid off in the past 3 months. These individuals made a decision that they were not going to be idle and wait for a job. They were going to create a job.

These are the people we want to align ourselves with no matter what kind of business you own. We want to help these people become profitable because not only are we helping another human being, we are putting money in their pocket that they will spend or invest in each others business.

And it doen't stop there. They know people they worked with and they likely talk to them. If someone has a great experience in the private sector, they share it. They will talk about you.

The point is, this is all about attitude and making lemons into lemonaide. Helping each in the marketplace is all part of the business network mentality.

The current economy is creating an amazing opportunity for all. Look for ways you can spend time, spend a little money, invest in each other, and reap rewards for possibly years to come.
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