Tammy M
In my last one on one post I covered Rule #1 Getting to know the person and finding out if you trust them.

In this post I will discuss proper sharing of business. So just to refresh you the three important elements of you one on one are:

#1) Getting to know the person you talk to and begin developing a relationship

#2) Sharing of business to provide a competent referral and to get a good referral

#3) You want to know the approximately 250 people they know that you don't.

As I stated in my original post on the one-on-one meeting, it is important that each party understand each others business.

This understanding is not just the mechanical understanding, it is understanding how this person treats the people they obtain via a referral.

Do they treat their customers or prospects with the respect and service that you treat your customers. After all if you give a referral to this person you are letting them borrow your credibility.

If they treat your referral badly that will reflect badly on you and the customer will be hesitant to do business with you again if you are sending disrespectful people to them.

Obviously this is an additional step in establishing the character of the person you are talking to.

Additionally, if you do not understand their business it is difficult to refer anyone to them and the reverse is also true. In learning about someones business you have a chance to determine their passion for what they are doing. After all would you refer someone and then find out a year later they are no longer doing the same thing and now your referral is out in the cold? Obviously judgment must play a part in this. If someone is not making the necessary revenue then continuing to do the same thing with the same results is called insanity. So I tend to be less judgmental on this point.

OK, so now you have listened to this person and learned about their business. They need to reciprocate and listen about your business. This is very important also because if someone does not give you the opportunity to find out about your business then there are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

Was this person actually intending to provide me with quality referrals if they do not know about my business?

Is there already enough of a relationship established that they would give me a quality referral and feel confident I would treat the referral with the utmost respect and service and therefore, understanding the mechanics of my business is not as important as my character?

You could ask the person if they feel comfortable with giving you a referral? Of coarse most people will say, "yes". I would suggest that immediately after this question you ask, "Is there anything about my business or how I treat my customers and/or associates, that I can answer for you?"

This second question will usually prompt them to ask if there are any doubts.

Just remember your relationships you are building are important. They are however business relationships and each person is responsible in the process for developing and moving the relationship in a positive direction.

As always I welcome your comments about this post so feel free to share your thoughts on this subject.

Till next time.