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Finally, we can say the hot summer is over.

Here in Texas the heat of the summer is sometimes overwhelming. When Fall comes it is a welcome relief and we look forward to cooler days and nights.

We look forward to spending time with family and friends as the holidays begin to be revealed through our daily routines.

It's easy to just decide to not go out and work our business one day and just stay home, open the windows, let in the fresh autumn air.

It's so easy to loose focus, so easy slow down.

But now is the time that we need to focus more than ever. Create forward momentum and create excitement.

Many of us have heard, "set yourself on fire and the world will come to watch you burn". Sounds pretty disgusting and painful. Right now, is the upward climb toward creating momentum that will get you on the downhill side after the holidays.

I read something this week that said, "opportunity will show up at your door wearing work clothes".

Do you have a dream because that is your fuel.

Do you have a dream because that will keep you moving forward when the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

Keep your focus on your dream. Write your story of what your life will be like for one day when you have achieved your dream.

And if you don't have a dream. Then I suggest that you find one or pray for one.
As a child we all had dreams. Ask any child if they have a dream. Most of them do and can describe it to you if they are not too embarrased.
As adults we have allowed embarrassment and the real world to make our dream smaller and smaller. But if your dream has become so small then it is not longer a dream.
If you don't have a dream find it. Find out other peoples dreams. You may find your dream wrapped up in someone elses.

Having a dream will keep you young.
Moving toward the dream will keep you happy.
Achieving the dream will bring a new dream.
Everybody needs a dream.
Your dream is your fuel. Gas it up!
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