Tammy M
This building a personal brand is pretty involved.

I am finding that I have to monitor several different social networks and post frequently.

I am also finding that the time of the day that you post can make a huge difference.

My time online happens late late late and most people are done networking and are winding down for the night. Because of this I don't think that my posts get noticed much.

Of coarse it could be that I just don't post things that people feel compelled to respond.

Face to face seems to be so much better but I am determined to get this social networking thing down to an art.

If anyone feels compelled to offer suggestions you can do so anonomously on my blog site.

Today I read another article about further building your brand of you inc. In this new networking world it is vitally important that each of us build our social network through all of the following means:

Your blog
You website
Face to face when possible

Each of these elements must be interlinked and should reference to each other.

Additionally when you post or send email you should have a kind of signature that people can select and get to your website and/or blog.

I am still trying to get better at this and share what I learn with others. I just wish others would share more of what they learn with us.

For now I just keep trying to build these virtual relationships and hope that I am not an annoyance.

I probably have not shared anything that is that earth shattering but realize this....if you are still in the workforce, know that employers are now using tools like facebook, linkedin, and twitter to check potential employees out!

They are looking to see if you are controversial, are you a complainer, do you appear to be a potential leader or are you already showing leadership?

If you are a small business owner you get the same treatment from your potential clients.
They want to see what people think of you, what do they think of your services, do you have fans, are you endorsed?

Take the time and build your virtual front door.

Make sure all your profiles are updated.

Ask your customers to give you an endorsement.

Update you blog and website on a regular basis. (I need to work on this one too)

We are all busy but this tool is not going away and is here to stay.

Embrace it.
Till next time.