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Well, I am at a loss.

I have read all kinds of websites about developing a blog. About creating an income from a blog. Finding your niche and developing your niche. Making money with Adsense. Making money as an affiliate. You name it, I have read it.
I realize that reading and doing is two different activities. I make it akin to thing about something and doing someting. Without action it is only a thought.
The problem I am running into is my interests. The things that I love to do seem to be all kinds of things. How do you make a blog that is about all kinds of things.
I then thought well NetworkingInk could actually be all kinds of things. After all the word networking is defined as:
A system of computers that are joined together so that they can communicate by exchanging information and sharing resources.
I don't think it has to be computers to network. We all network as in communicating, sharing of information and resources. By mouth or machine no matter how you slice it you are networking when sharing information and/or resources.
This blog is about to go through some changes and take on a different kind of resource for the world. Your job as a networker on the WWW is to share why, your site is so great and what you offer to make me visit your site.
Over time I have begun to realize that you can develop a blog site on any kind of niche. 
I am now able to help you to understand what a niche is.
If you are searching for a niche then the first place I would suggest that you start your search is at the largest magazine stand that you can find.
I actually really like magazine stands in bookstores.
The key with magazines is this. If there is a magazine there is interest. Look in a magazine you like and you will find the products the people are interested in for that magazine.
The magazine can be the niche. You can even take it further and find a sub-niche based on the magazine and that will be common articles that occur in the magazine.
An example might be Bicycling.
There are a number of magazines about bicycling. Open one of them and you will find adds about equipment, clothing, places to go, and ways to transport a bike and that is just a few.
Look at the table of contents and the articles will provide you with subniches that can be expanded on further.
This approach is a low cost way to find a niche if you don't want to make the investment of buying a niche product.

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