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Networking Ink has been around for about 4 years now.

I have not always dedicated time to this site that I should. I now am getting much more active on the world wide web, I have decided that I need to give this site an update.

Networking Ink will always have a special place in my heart because it is the how I cut my teeth on building a blog site and helped me to really understand just what it takes to get a site going.

Building a website is not a part-time commitments. If you make it a part-time commitment you will get part time earnings from it which will likely be...nothing.

Commit time and effort and you may actually earn something in return.

My focus has really gone to building this blog and my website "Work at Home Boomer Network".

You can guess what my website is about and this website is obviously about networking but it is about to expand further on the idea of networking.

Networking Ink is going to start focusing on building traffic not only to your offline business but to your online business as well.

I will be sharing how you can build traffic to your website that is organic and the way the google likes it.

Networking Ink is about to really live up to its name and provide you with information to grow your backlinks and grow your traffic, online and offline.

Also, be sure to visit my Snowbirds Lifestyle blog on blogger

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