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Yesterday, I attended a short presentation on Social Networking. The information was great and I am excited to share what I learned with you.

When I consider social networking, I compare it to the ATM machine. When ATM machines first came out there were alot of people that felt uncomfortable about using the ATM machine. They did not want to use a machine because they did not trust the machine to count the money properly and were worried about getting short changed. They also felt that it was a privacy concern. Then there were those that just felt the machine was too complicated to learn and just wanted to stay with what they knew and trusted, the teller at the bank.

I can take each one of those issues and tie them to online social networking. With social networking people felt that if they hire someone to help them manage their social networking that they will be short changed because of money spent and no results. Then there are those that are concerned about getting involved in the social media world because in order to participate they would have to become too personal and be sharing with others things they would rather just keep to themselves. Finally, there are those who just don't understand the social networking commerce and feel that it is too complicated and time consuming to participate. Sound familiar?

Lets say someone refuses to use the ATM, they can still access their money and make withdraws and deposits. It will take a little more time and effort such as driving to the bank and doing business, during the banks business hours.

The same is with social networking, you can still grow a business. It will however take more time and effort.

Starting and blending all the elements of social networking together is the leap we all must make if we want to grow a strong business that will fit into the new Information Age. In order to participate and prosper we must make a decision to learn it and do it.

What I learned yesterday is "at this time eight elements" to the social networking strategy.

#1 Facebook
#2 LinkedIn
#3 Twitter
#4 Articles
#5 Ezine or ENewsletter
#6 Video media such as Youtube
#7 Blog and it was suggested it be a domain you own. (If you don't know what a domain is just ask me I can help you)
#8 SEO or Search Engine Optimization

These eight elements can be worked together to create your social presence on the world wide web. My prediction is in the future there will be tools and programs developed to manage these elements from a single source. For now you have to do each independently and it is time consuming.

Speaking of time, what if we were to breakdown traditional network marketing time consumption and social networking time consumption.

With traditional networking you have to drive, attend meetings, have 1 on 1's. There is alot of time devoted to planting one seed. With Social networking you have to write, and write and write and there is alot of time devoted but you are planting many seeds.

Between the two they do take alot of time but the market penetration with social networking is far more effective than with traditional networking.

Social networking is about using all the necessary elements and bringing each of these together to create your presence on the world wide web.

If you want to start a campaign then the first thing you must do is find a niche. Determine a niche that you can have plenty of material to write on and you must be a teacher. Make yourself the expert of your niche.

Also find places to answer questions and then drive traffic to your blog or to your articles. Alot of people know I write articles and alot of my articles are about all kinds of elements that may or may not have anything to do with networking or electricity. In fact not long ago I wrote an article about Making Hard Candy. If you want to check it out here is the link: Making Old Time Hard Candy.

My goal is to build on my name and for me most of my topics are about networking, electricity, technical issues, and other stuff. You may want to stay more to your profession and or niche when writing articles and if your goal is to drive traffic to your web site then the Helium site I used is not for traffic. I mostly use it just to publish articles and get my name known.

To drive traffic you want to article websites such as ezinearticles.com, ask yahoo, even LinkedIn can be used for driving traffic to your blog.

At this point this post is beginning to get into how to drive traffic and that needs to be in a future post.

Till then.
See ya
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