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Today I attended a meeting in Roanoke, Texas, called Heartlink Network.

Andrea Pender of Andrea Pender Photography host this women only network meeting.
All Heartlink Network meetings allow for each attendee to do a 3 minute commercial.
Meeting cost is $20 and includes lunch.
Meeting time is 11:30am till 1pm and occurs once a month on the 2nd Thursday each month.

Heartlink meetings are business exclusive on a first pay, first reserve basis and it is up to the host to keep a list of attendees and reserve exclusivity.

Contact Andrea at 817-691-5770 to reserve your spot.

Andrea runs a great meeting and her house is an open floor plan making it comfortable and able to accommodate a pretty large group. She has an area in her office where you can display your products if you choose to do so. I do encourage you to ask about product display at the time you setup your reservation.

Andrea takes the time to go the extra step and ask local area businesses to contribute a door prize to be given away to some lucky winner attending the meeting. She also takes the time to make sure everyone attending feels welcome and has a well organized folder containing a list of attendees with their contact information.

The really nice thing about this meeting is it is once a month and you have a 3 minute commercial time to share your business, which can lead to questions, which can lead to leads.

I asked Andrea to send me a little blurb that shares some of the fun and interesting things about her meeting and when I get that I'll post it.

At each meeting I attend I try to see if there is someone that stands out above the crowd and at this meeting I have to say it was Karla Hess with Mary Kay and she did not talk about her business but instead talked about her mission to recognize with a Christmas gift the wives of deployed soldiers out of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. She will be sending me information on that and I'll post it when I get it.
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