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Wow, I can hardly believe that I obtained such a great name "Networking Ink". This is all about business networking by working together with each other and building all of our businesses.

Just a little about me and why I am doing this....I originally started in the corporate world with my career which I think most people started the same way. I was very successful and gave my loyalty without question to many but not all.

The first company who got my loyalty won it because of my boss and teacher. This person changed my life and took me from the office worker to a programming professional. 4 years into working for this company the parent company moved in and took over. They let go of the CEO, CIO (my boss), and all the Vice-Presidents. I was ok for about 10 months and then I was layed off. I felt the sting of this for quite a few years.

Down the career road, I had other jobs, other bosses, other layoffs.

Then I found this other company and this one was a giant but it felt like a small family company. I didn't sell my loyalty right away but it only took about 8 months and I knew this was the place I wanted to be. I worked there for 10 years and sold my soul. Then one day we started hearing the words budget...and reorganized...and RIF. The company found they could save "alot" of money if they outsourced to another country.

I went through something called, forced attrition, and it was then that I realized the pain had to stop. I experienced the entire emotional process and finally ended up vowing "I will never be dependent solely on a job again" and I realized that I would never be able to give my loyalty like I had in the past.

So, after being layed off, turned off, outsourced, railroaded, fired, restructured, reorganized, and a victim of forced attrition. I realized that the only way to stop the pain was to have my own business.

Much to my surprise, I found that while I was serving the corporate master there were people building businesses by means of network groups or also called a leads group.

I have to tell you, there are business network groups all over the place. In fact, this is so huge that entire companies have spawned catering to business networking. Sites such as meetup.com and konnect.com have become the "place" to find business meetings to attend.

I want to make sure you understand, when I refer to a network group, I am talking about mom and pop businesses, meeting with other businesses, and giving referrals, doing business with, teaming together, and helping each other to grow.

Business networking has morphed into a part of todays method of building a business and my goal to start is to help you to understand how it works.

The way I started was I joined my local chamber of commerce. I attended a networking group sponsored by the chamber and I was promptly invited to another group that was not associated with the chamber and it has grown from there. Network groups become fantastic connections for learning and growing your business.

Now before you go off half cocked and start blowing everyone away that gets within 3 feet. You need to know that these days growing your business is not done but means of something I call "advertising entrapment". You cannot grow you business by telling every warm blooded creature that can fog a mirror what you offer, it doesn't work that way anymore.

You grow your business by expanding your area of influence and building relationships. Businesses grow by growing with the people around you and getting involved, being a friend, and stop living in the cocoon that we create.

There are really great people out there that can can help you and you can help them and even though this mindset seems difficult for you to grasp today. As you get to know and grow with the people you meet you will begin to want other peoples successes as much as your own.

If you don't believe me and you are growing a business then I suggest you stick around. This is a journey and you are invited to come along for the ride as we build our businesses.

The next time we meet I'll share with you what a typical network meeting is like and what to expect from those around you and what is expected from you!

I'll also provide my first feature network group in the DFW area.
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